Sydney Laser Eye Surgery

The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery specialises in laser eye surgery and cataract surgery.

Established in 1996, the Institute is a respected laser eye surgery clinic in North Sydney, with two operating theatres implementing the finest available laser technology and vision correction treatments.

Licensed by the New South Wales Department of Health, our operating theatre has been awarded full accreditation for excellence by the influential Australian Council of Health Care Standards.

With years of experience, our surgeons specialise in vision correction procedures such as LASIK, ASL (Advanced Surface Laser) and Phakic IOL (Intraocular Lens Implants) with patients receiving vision correction and laser eye surgery from all over Australia and New Zealand. Our reputation for providing the best results has also extended to England, France, Germany, South Africa, the USA and Asia.

The Institute is headed by esteemed surgeon Dr Ronald Binetter, who has performed over 20,000 LASIK procedures in his practice. Each week, Dr Binetter does more Laser Eye Surgery procedures than any other LASIK surgeon in Sydney and NSW.

For over 15 years, our approach has always been one of delivering first class results at an affordable cost, making laser eye surgery accessible to as many people as possible.

What Sets the Australian Institute of Eye Surgery Apart

Different patients have different vision problems. We understand the importance of the role your vision plays in everyday life. It is through this understanding that we aim to perform the best job possible to improve and repair your vision.

The Institute is the first laser eye clinic in Australia to provide patients with a lifetime commitment, as we stand behind our mission to offer efficient and affordable laser eye surgery and vision correction procedures with the best possible results.

The benefits of having your laser eye surgery treatment with the Australian Institute of Eye Surgery are clear to see. Our clinics are patient-focused, as they aim to provide the best possible outcomes through the safest and most reliable means.

We ensure that every patient will receive personalised care, as we understand that each patient deserves our full attention, full information and full service. We value nothing more than your satisfaction and constructive experience with us.

If you are currently looking for one of the most reliable laser eye surgeries in Sydney and other parts of Australia, book an appointment with the Australian Institute of Eye Surgery today.

Lasik Eye Surgery

$1400 per eye


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"The only vision correction centre in Australia to provide a lifetime commitment"

The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery offers affordable laser eye surgery (LASIK) and cataract surgery making the laser eye surgery cost accessible for all. For vision correction surgery or laser eye surgery Sydney and Newcastle, contact us for an assessment today.