What should I expect on the day of the corrective eye surgery procedure?

Before you actually have the laser eye surgery procedure we need to assess your suitability.

An assessment and tests will be carried out in the practice by our medical team:

  • REFRACTION determines the refractive error in your eyes.
  • LENSOMETRY measures the strength of your glasses.
  • VISUAL ACUITY to understand how far down the eye chart you can read without your glasses.
  • PACHYMETRY measures the thickness of your cornea.
  • TOPOGRAPHY generates maps of the cornea to provide a contour plan of the front surface of the cornea. (This aids in the diagnosis of astigmatism and the exclusion of certain diseases).

The consultation with your surgeon is the next step. Your surgeon will assess your suitability for LASIK, taking into account your test results and needs as a patient.

On the Day of your Corrective Eye Surgery Procedure

  • On arrival you will be given a mild oral sedative to relax you.
  • The nurses will take you through to the Excimer Laser Theatre.
  • Local anaesthetic eye drops are applied.
  • You will then be positioned under the Excimer laser. Your surgeon willl ask you to look towards a fixation light. Then your surgeon will place a fixation ring over your eye to help keep your eye still.
  • The Microkeratome will then be used to create the corneal flap.
  • You will be positioned under the Excimer laser ready to correct your prescription. Your surgeon will now ask you to look towards a small red flashing light. You will be asked to fixate on this red light for the duration of the procedure.
  • The corneal flap is gently folded back and the Excimer laser begins to reshape the corneal surface. During this you will be able to hear a continuous `tat-tat' sound, This is simply the noise of the laser and can last between 10-60 seconds, depending on the amount of correction you require.
  • On completion of the procedure antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops will be applied.
  • You should have a restful day and evening after your surgery.
  • You must not drive yourself home.
  • Avoid soap and water around the eyes for one day after the procedure.
  • Eye makeup must not be applied for one month.
  • Do not rub or press on your eyes for one month.
  • Do not swim for two weeks and avoid contact sports for one month.

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