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At The Australian Institute of Eye Surgery we utilize the most advanced Excimer Laser Surgery Technology. We installed the Award winning SCHWIND AMARIS Laser, the fastest excimer laser available today for Laser Eye Surgery.

The German developed SCHWIND AMARIS for Laser eye surgery allows the surgeon increased flexibility to treat short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and combinations of these conditions. Today, it is the benchmark against which other lasers are compared.

It is the only laser to provide all features of modern laser technology in one system. The sophisticated Schwind Amaris laser system offers the most advanced technology in the areas of pulse frequency, beam profile and 6 Dimensional eye tracking.

The Schwind Amaris

The Schwind Amaris is considered by independent experts to provides the highest standard among lasers for refractive surgery. With maximum precision, minimum treatment time and trusted speed it is significantly faster, more precise and safer than ever before.

In order to achieve the perfect combination of speed and precision, the SCHWIND AMARIS is equipped with two energy levels. This unique method of “Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment” has the advantage of significantly shortening the laser treatment, especially when higher refractive errors are corrected, without compromising on precision and safety.

Exact centering and constant positioning of the eye is of decisive importance in a successful laser treatment.The advantage of the 1050 Hz eye tracker of the SCHWIND AMARIS is that the eye tracker monitors the position of the eye with 1050 measurements per second and thus provides unsurpassed precision in the positioning of each laser pulse.

The SCHWIND AMARIS is unique in incorporating both static and dynamic Advanced cyclotorsion control for the correction of eye rotations. As the eye may rotate during laser treatment the laser adjusts for this during the laser treatment with dynamic cyclotorsion control and places the ablation accordingly.